3 Areas in Your Home That Probably Need a Deep-Clean

We all cut corners every once in a while. Whether it’s cooking a frozen meal or using a rideshare app instead of public transit, taking a shortcut allows us to get more out of our day. 

But, when it comes to cleaning don’t take too many shortcuts! In fact, you might already be skipping over a few crucial spots. 

Here are some of the most overlooked places in your homes that may need the attention of cleaning hands. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning  

Did you know that regular dryer vent cleaning could save your family’s life? 

mattress cleaning services vent cleaning san francisco belvedere san rafaelAccording to the U.S. Fire Administration, over 2900 home clothes dryer fires happen every year. The leading cause of these fires? Failure to properly clean the vents. The hot air blowing through the vents is blocked when a build-up of lint starts to form. The system can overheat and combust. 

Cleaning the lint filter and dryer vent is necessary to keep clothes from coming out wet or damaged. Taking this one extra step to clear lint after each load eases the burden on the vent system, preventing build-up which makes airflow–and drying clothes– more difficult. Also, make sure to check that the outdoor vent covering opens when the dryer is running. 

Lastly, make sure to get your dryer system installed and serviced by professionals. Unfortunately, lint filters don’t prevent build-up in the ventilation system. For this, Mother Nature’s Cleaning offers thorough dryer vent cleaning that clears lint and other materials from the dryer duct. 

Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning services vent cleaning san francisco belvedere san rafaelMattresses are often overlooked places in our homes when it comes to cleaning. But, why? We spend eight hours a day on them! And like our living and work spaces, mattresses need a thorough clean every once in a while. 

Dust mites, dead skin cells, and allergens – these are just some of the microscopic organisms living in the fibres of our mattresses. 

There are a ton of DIY mattress cleaning methods that we won’t get into right now, but we will tell you that for good maintenance, vacuuming all surfaces of the mattress once a month is recommended. 

For a thorough mattress cleaningcontact us to learn about our four-step process that will keep your mattress clean and fresh for the whole year! 

Tile and Grout Cleaning 

Tiles can be a durable and visually stunning material for flooring both indoors and outdoors. Cleaning tiles can be a bit tricky, especially the grout.

All of the food bits that fall off counter tops and the gross things stuck to our shoes build up in between tiles causing discoloration, dirt build-up, and even damage to flooring.

Mother Nature’s Cleaning has an effective yet gentle cleaning process that cleanses and restores grout that hasn’t had some love in a while. Tile and grout cleaning services consist of a warm soak, rotary scrub, fresh water rinse, and spot touch-ups that leave your floors shining. 

Read more about our green and clean philosophy here

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