4 must-see before and after carpet cleaning jobs

There are few things more satisfying than seeing something go from filthy to squeaky clean. We all know someone who spends hours watching power-washing compilations on Youtube, right? 

Whether it’s industrial window washing or heavy duty carpet cleaning, there is something oddly pleasing about seeing the dirt and grime slip away to reveal a shiny clean surface. 

Let’s indulge in some wonderful before and after photos of clean rugs and carpets! 

1. Area Rug Cleaning 

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Area rugs are a great way to make rooms with hardwood floors and high ceilings feel homey and comfortable. It’s also nice to have something under your feet in the cool mornings while you sip a warm beverage.

That’s precisely why area rugs get as dirty as they do–beverages spill, feet get dirty, and pets get comfortable. If you want to keep your home looking and smelling fresh, consider professional carpet cleaning services to restore color and cleanliness for clean rugs. 

It’s easy to see that the faded area rug looks pretty worn for wear. There’s staining and furniture marks. But, after a deep cleaning using Mother Nature’s Cleaning natural cleaning services, the bright red and yellow fibres are vibrant and the beautiful patterns are at the forefront. 

2. Full Carpet Cleaning Services 

Normally, it’s advised to get professional carpet cleaning done every three to six months. Of course, life is busy and we don’t always have a tight schedule. However, grease stains like the ones above are hard to get out the longer they stay in the carpet fibres. 

Large carpets are bound to pick up dust, dirt, and bacteria. This will change the colour of the carpet over time. If there is a spill, the longer the stain sets, the more likely you are to track it all over the carpeted area, resulting in discoloration. 

Of course, with the right natural, green-certified cleaning products, and a multi-step restoration process, most stains will lighten to a point where they are no longer visible. 

3. Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

carpet cleaning services

Your carpets aren’t the only fibre surfaces that need care every once in a while! If you have dining chairs or big sofas – furniture you use everyday – chances are there is dust and dirt trapped in the fibres. Especially surfaces that are sat on, where the bacteria is pushed into the fibres and compressed into layers of not-so-clean stuff. 

Check out the difference in this light-colored fabric upholstery on a dining chair. Stains and greying made the chair look worn and old. With a deep-clean using our water extraction method and specialized upholstery equipment, the wooden chair looks brand new. 

4. Pet Urine and Odors 

carpet cleaning services

As much as we love our dearest pets, they can be a little destructive (especially when they’re babies!). Pet urine can cause permanent damage to carpets and furniture, and the longer it soaks in, the harder it is to remove.

Check out these HUGE urine stains on a carpet – luckily the stains were treated shortly after they were made, and the results are satisfying. 

Check out more of our natural cleaning services, and read about our all-natural green philosophy.

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