5 things that could destroy your area rug

If you live in a home with hardwood flooring, area rugs might be an overlooked aspect of daily life. But try to imagine your home without those rugs… seems kind of dismal, doesn’t it?

Your area rug is the piece that ties your space together – and it’s also one of the most vulnerable (and possibly expensive) furnishings in your home.

Due to their placement on the floor and in high-traffic areas, rugs are susceptible to everything from general wear and tear to accidental spills and even hungry pests.

Here, we talk through key things to look out for, so you can protect your rug (and your investment) over the long term.

Spoiler alert: The most important thing to remember is that quality rug cleaning can only be done in a facility with specialized equipment – in-home cleanings use carpet cleaning tools which can damage and potentially ruin your rug. If it’s time to get yours cleaned, we’re ready to do an amazing job at our area rug cleaning facility.

Read on to learn more about this and other practices that could destroy your area rug.

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Spoiler alert: The most important thing to remember is that you should only have your rugs professionally cleaned at an off-site facility – getting them cleaned in your home can damage the quality and potentially ruin them. If it’s time to get yours cleaned, we’re ready to do an amazing job at our area rug cleaning facility.

Read on to learn more about this and other practices that could destroy your area rug.

1. Going pad-less

Ignoring the importance of a quality rug pad is a mistake that has short and long-term consequences. Pads help to move soils out of your rug, making it easier to clean and maintain the look and feel, while also adding years to its lifespan.

We are big advocates for rug pads, and there are so many reasons why. As well as ensuring safety, the anti-slip functionality stops your rug from grinding against the floor, protecting it from wearing out.

Pads also help maintain the quality and feel of your rug, adding a noticeable cushion of softness underfoot.

2. Vacuuming the wrong way

area rug cleaning san franciscoRegular vacuuming is an important step in preserving your rug’s quality – but you have to do it the right way!

Take some time to figure out which attachments are suitable for your rug. Rugs with long or looped fibres shouldn’t be exposed to your vacuum’s beater bar, and so the settings and height should be adjusted accordingly.

There’s also a method for getting the most effective clean – check out our blog on how to vacuum like a grown-up for more tips.

3. Trusting cowboy cleaners

We’ve heard way too many horror stories about cleaners who promise great results in the home and leave behind a wet mess of a rug—only to have the client call us in a panic.

Most rugs require treatment that can’t be properly completed in your home – from dusting, to washing, and humidity-controlled drying – every material type and pile needs a customized approach to achieve the best result. So-called professionals who treat rugs with a one-size-fits-all mindset will inevitably run into problems with browning, yellowing, and damage.

If you come across a cleaner who claims they can get great results without moving your rug, it’s probably a scam. Learn more about how area rug cleaning should be done, and get in touch with us to book an appointment for your rugs.

4. Going rogue on stains

area rug cleaning san franciscoWhen a spill happens, it can be tempting to trust the bottles on the supermarket shelves and treat it yourself. Fight the urge.

Over-the-counter stain removal products are full of ingredients or chemicals that can cause serious damage and deterioration – especially if your rug is made of sensitive fibres or natural materials. They often leave behind residues that continue working over time, leading to bleaching and discoloration which can be permanent.

Our blog is full of expert advice to help with treating stains on your own (including pet urine, BBQ sauce, and red wine) but the best thing to do for valued rugs is consult a pro – we’ll be able to tell you what the best course of action is based on your stain 911.

5. Missing moths

Moths aren’t just hiding in dusty, neglected wardrobes – female moths are on constant look out for an inviting place to lay their eggs, and cozy area rugs are the perfect food source for their hatchlings (especially natural fibers and rugs that host a lot of pet hair and dust). Synthetics are less commonly attacked, unless blended with wool or silk, or heavily soiled with food stains or body oils.

Once the larvae hatch, they feast on the surrounding area and mature into adults who lay more eggs and repeat the cycle, to the detriment of your rug.

Anything in your home that is made from natural materials can then become vulnerable to infestation as well. To identify moth activity, look for creamy white caterpillars, loose threads, thinning patches, or discoloration.

Regular cleaning is the key to preventing a moth problem – vacuum at least twice a week and pay attention to hard-to-reach areas like dark corners and underneath furniture. If you notice moths, moth casings, or damage on your rug, get in touch with us immediately – we’ll use green methods to eliminate moths and larvae before deep cleaning your rug. We can even help with repairing areas that have been feasted on, to give your rug a total reset.

Taking care of your rugs every day means you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort they bring to your home for many years to come. If you want more advice or need your rugs cleaned, get in touch with our rug-loving experts.

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