7 ways to clean up the earth

Every year, 8 million tonnes of waste are added to the ocean – and that’s just the ocean. If you take a look around your local neighbourhood or nearest big city, chances are you’ll see litter on the street. As cleaning geeks and neat freaks, we find it frustrating – and overwhelming.

But we’re not here to despair – we’re all about working together to find ways to make positive changes, big and small, that contribute towards a healthier, cleaner planet. We’ve listed some of our favourite ways you can make a difference in your routine and your local community.

1. Join a cleanup event

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Official World Cleanup Day takes place in September, but there are countless cleanup events that take place year-round – check to see if there’s a Cleanup Day happening close to you or simply search online for ‘cleanup event near me’. You can also organize one yourself!

Work independently, with a few friends, or as a family unit – grab some gloves, a bag, and a litter-picker and go. Whether it’s a local park, beach, forest, or your own neighbourhood, simply head out and commit some time to cleaning.

Be brave, slip on some gloves, and look out for cigarette butts – this is the most common type of litter picked up during cleanup day actions. If you’re truly committed, carry a bag and gloves with you even after cleanup day is over.

2. Clean out your wallet

If you aren’t able to participate in an event, there are other ways to donate. The official World Cleanup Day is run by Let’s Do It World, a global organization that brings over 150 countries together to fight for change – consider contributing to their cause. The proceeds go towards World Cleanup Day organization and other environmental events.

Alternatively, look for a local environmental charity that’s close to heart and home.

3. Clean the air, plant a tree

eco-friendly cleaning san marinTrees clean the air we breathe, filter water, and provide a habitat for wildlife – planting a tree is something you can do today that will contribute to a better world for years to come.

Look for space in your own yard or garden or reach out to your local council to learn about tree-planting opportunities in your area.

4. Clean your habits

There are always things you can do to reduce your footprint and improve your everyday routine.

Whether it’s finding ways to reduce plastic waste, switching to zero waste cleaning, or implementing a better recycling and composting system for your family, once you start to look around we bet you’ll spot opportunities to make a change.

5. Clean your workplace

While you might not have as much control over daily operations as you do at home, look for ways to educate and improve practices in your workplace.

Can you switch some admin from paper to electronic? Can you replace plastic utensils and dishes with reusable ones? Is there a recycling scheme you can take part in?

Ask your manager or HR department about what steps you can take to bring your ideas into action. And remind them – it’s a great opportunity for some positive PR!

6. Clean your hobbies

You might have a lean and clean household – but what about the things you do outside of home? Look for ways to make your hobbies more eco-friendly. You might be surprised at what you find.

If you love camping, do an inventory of your gear to make sure it’s sustainable and reusable. If you love painting, choose products that are made from eco-friendly materials or paints in glass jars. Awareness if a first step towards change.

7. Clean your home

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Regular professional cleaning is vital for your mental health and wellbeing – and there’s a clean way to stay clean! Choose eco-friendly companies (like us) that go the extra mile to implement and use sustainable practices and products.


Cleanups are about so much more than just pitching in for a few hours – it triggers a sense of community, awareness, and positive action. Once you begin to make a few changes, we’re confident you’ll continue to find ways to live a cleaner lifestyle.

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