Carpet Protectors: Your Carpet’s New Best Friend

Ah, the lovely sight of having just recently cleaned the carpets. Oh no, what’s that over there? A new soil or mud stain? No, No, No-ooo! Keeping your carpets clean for most of the year can be quite a hassle. (I mean, you can’t clean them every day and you definitely cannot make your kids live outside). What you can do is invest in carpet protectors such as this one from Mother Nature’s Cleaning–your Marin County carpet cleaner.

What Are Carpet Protectors?

Carpet and upholstery protectors are specially made solutions that spray on your carpet to prevent soiling, staining, and wicking of your carpets—saving you from all the scrubbing and lower backaches. Just bought a new rug? Our Marin County area rug cleaners can keep it looking new. Just apply our special protector! Trust us – carpet and upholstery protectors are your new best friends.

There are many types, brands, and prices of carpet protectors, but not all carpet protectors are created equal. Some are harsher on your carpet than others, some give you allergies, some are not organically made, some throw environmental guidelines out the window, etc. Make sure you pick the right carpet protectors for you.

At Mother Nature’s Cleaning, we think your health, carpet longevity, organic materials, and environmental guidelines are all important. That’s why we offer our carpet protector as the Premiere Marin County carpet cleaner

The benefit of buying carpet protectors—like our Green Protector—is that they are formulated with your health, the environment, and your carpet’s longevity in mind. In addition to meeting all the guidelines proposed by the U.S. EPA Design for Environment Program, Green Protector provides all of the following benefits:

Benefits of the Green Carpet Protector

  • Your carpets and cushions will last longer and look better!
  • If accidents do happen, vacuuming them will be easier, faster, and more efficient!
  • The encapsulating polymer additive eliminates any wicking of soils or spills that may occur after hot water extraction cleaning (similar to how conditioner protects your hair from humidity)
  • The pH neutralizes alkaline cleaning residues as well as browning or yellowing
  • Protector reinforces and replenishes the original stain protection and soil resistance of your carpet/upholstery
  • Goes above and beyond the standards for Green Balance designation

Want a safer, cleaner, and easier to clean carpet for kids and pets to play on? Try out our Green protector to improve your carpet’s “cleanability.” Contact Mother Nature’s Cleaning now to get in touch with our very own Marin carpet cleaners! (We offer services in the San Francisco Bay Area as well). Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us now—your carpets aren’t getting any cleaner, you know.

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