Combating Oil with All Natural Cleansers

I have an amazing masseuse. She specializes in pregnancy massage (pre and post natal) and she is incredible. She is also combining massage with the use of essential oils – both through the skin and with aromatherapy, so the entire experience is amazing and brought tears to my eyes with both of my pregnancies. I never thought I would be writing about Christina (Mama Massage) on my blog post about cleaning, but here we are. Because of our shared interest in all things natural and homeopathic, we often get into discussions about how to inject natural remedies into our day to day. One of these discussions was about the difficulty in cleaning oils out of fabric – hers related to the oils she uses for her business, mine related to the oils in carpets and upholstery that are causing residue and sometimes odors. Both related to cleaning bath towels and beach towels.

All natural detergents tend to lack the oil fighting ability of the standard household cleaners. Lack of harsh ingredients always means hotter water and more work to achieve the same results.

HER SOLUTION? pour a half a can of Coca Cola into the washing machine. Woah! Yes – she said it cuts right through her oils and leaves the sheets and towels clean and fresh for the next customer.  No more wasting energy with multiple washes and super hot water.

OUR SOLUTION? A  special rinse in the last step of our cleaning process – this rinse cuts through oil and residue – lengthening time between cleanings and leaving a softer fresher result with both carpets and upholstery. The other guys don’t do this – the customer will never know the difference, after all.

I always wondered why my towels never came out so fresh. I never considered that it was because the laundry detergent was all natural. You better believe I went out and bought a case of coke to try in my laundry at home. Now my bath towels end up as fresh as my carpets. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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