Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned

Your upholstery and furniture does a lot of work. From lazy weekend mornings to cozy movie nights, lounging after a long day at work to busy family events, it soaks up a lot of love – and a lot of dirt, pet hair, and other daily messes. Even the silent, off-limits sitting room is quietly accumulating dust and debris.

While vacuuming is important, upholstery and furniture requires a little more care and attention to keep it in top condition. Read on to learn why it’s so important to take that extra step and have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

1- Refresh your space

Even those who are good at keeping up with their weekly cleaning routine will notice a huge difference after having their upholstery professionally cleaned.

This is because dirt, dust, pet hair, oils, and cells from our skin and hair subtly build up on the fabric, creating a frog-in-boiling-water situation. All of these elements can lead to visible changes in the look and feel of your furniture, while also creating a subtle odour and impacting the overall air flow in your space.

Professional cleaning works to remove these things you might not have noticed, immediately improving the look of your upholstery and the smell of your home. It will also create that fresh feeling you’ve been missing, thanks to better airflow and peace of mind.

2- Create a healthier home

Upholstery is a haven for microscopic intruders – sometimes called ‘allergens’ – such as dust mites, dirt, and bacteria. As they build up, they can be hazardous to your health if inhaled regularly, and can be especially hard-hitting for young children and people with allergies.

While vacuuming works to remove some of these things, it doesn’t completely eliminate the problem. A professional cleaning service can reach those stubborn elements, ensuring your home is fresh and free from potentially harmful aspects.

3- Life happens

While regular cleaning can help you stay on top of everyday messes, it’s not always enough to keep up with your entire lifestyle.

The busiest areas of your upholstery, such as the spot on the sofa where you like to curl up with your morning coffee or the footstool that’s just perfect for your feet, can look worn and faded compared to the rest of the furniture. And then there’s the inevitable ‘oh no!’ moments – red wine spills, dirt stains, pet accidents… You know what we mean.

A professional cleaner can handle the heavy-duty messes and distresses, using high operating equipment to make your upholstery look like new again – every little bit of it.

4- Improve longevity

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your upholstery, and, naturally, you want to make the most of it. Professional cleaning can future-proof your soft furnishings, ensuring they maintain their high-quality look and feel over the long term.

When left untouched, soil particles will scratch and wear away at the fabric’s fibers, making it fade, flatten, and deteriorate. A cleaning professional can tackle these small intruders, to prevent them from latching on and accumulating more dirt and dust and causing irreversible damage.

Professional cleaning will improve every aspect of your home, from the air quality to your peace of mind – plus, it’ll make your space look even more beautiful, so you can show it off with pride. Learn more about our upholstery cleaning services or fill in the form on the side to request a quote today.

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