My Rug “Isn’t That Dirty”

A Test to Show How Dirty Your Rug Really Is.

We clean rugs from so many different types of homes and come across hundreds of different kinds of rugs made of various fibers, colors and patterns, but they all have one thing in common: They are always VERY DIRTY. In fact, I have not cleaned a rug yet that hasn’t had excessive soiling.

Our challenge is that customers generally don’t believe their rugs are very dirty. We hear it all the time! “My rug isn’t that dirty!” …so below is a fun test you can do in your own home to see much dirt accumulates even on a well-maintained surface.

Step 1

Take two clean white rags and run under water and squeeze until rags is just damp

Step 2

Locate a typical traffic area and, using one of the white cloths, wipe down the flooring thoroughly.

Step 3

Lay the cloth in a well-lit area next to the cloth that you did not use and check the difference.

In this example, vinyl plank flooring covers the main living spaces of the house. Area rugs are on top of the flooring in the living room and dining room. The flooring is vacuumed daily and was washed 4 days before the test with a mild cleanser. (Remember, your area rugs don’t get washed weekly)

Consider that your area rugs get an equal amount of traffic and even when vacuumed regularly, still collect a huge amount of dirt and debris as you walk on them. The process to remove that dirt is not so easy. We definitely don’t recommend that you try that yourself, so give us a call so we can do the dirty work for you.


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