Pest Elimination and Carpet Cleaning

Fleas, Moths, Bed Bugs, Dust Mites - how to get rid of them!

People request our services a lot to remove pests such as carpet moths, fleas and dust mites. I always have the same answer for them –

The only sure-fire way to get rid of household pests such as the ones I mentioned is to FREEZE, BOIL or POISON them.

  • FREEZE – We can’t perform a deep freeze on your carpets (although we can do it for your area rugs.)
  • Carpet MothsBOIL – Our cleaning process is also know as steam cleaning. Yes – the water we are using on your wall to wall carpet is warmer than the air in your home, so you do see steam, but we are not actually cleaning with steam. Using actual steam would destroy your carpet pretty quickly.
  • POISON – This word is not in our vocabulary at Mother Nature’s Cleaning, so I cannot speak more on this method of elimination.

So, I guess you can see where I am going with this line of thought…

Our extractors are powerful, our service is excellent, but when faced with any of those pests that seem to multiply and never go away, and cause lots of discomfort and allergic reactions, you will need to call in the professional exterminators.

Once they do their jobs, then definitely call us to clean up any toxins or bug remains left behind. In that we excel!

That said – IF you have an area rug with a moth problem, SEAL it up and call us right away. We will eliminate the moths, eggs and larvae, clean up the rug and repair it if needed.

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