Yes, every home needs professional furniture cleaning – here’s why

Pristine homes, busy family homes, homes with a frat house vibe – every home needs to be professionally cleaned. And no, we’re not suggesting that you’re messy!

The problem isn’t dirt – it’s dust: some studies estimate that the average American home collects 40 pounds of it over the course of a year.

Even the most meticulous housekeeper can’t keep up with the natural accumulation of that builds up over time – but professional cleaners can.

We’re not saying you need to hire a Cinderella-worthy team on the regular. It’s about keeping track of key areas of your home that are most susceptible to allergen accumulation, including your couch, furniture, carpets, and mattress.

Here, we’ll talk you through these trouble spots and explain why it’s so important to bring in the pros.

You’re sharing your couch with microscopic friends

Dirt, dust, bacteria, and other allergens are constantly snowing down and getting trapped in the fibres of your couch, footstools, and armchairs. When you sit down, you’re releasing these particles into the air (and then breathing them in).

Of course, this is a natural occurrence and we can’t eliminate dust from our homes entirely (nor do we need to). However, too much dust can start to impact the air quality in your space and cause discomfort, especially for people who live with asthma or other lung-related conditions.

Professional upholstery cleaning will tackle these deep-seated allergens, while also generally refreshing your couch and treating stale smells or stains.

Your outdoor cushions are a haven for mould (and other furry creatures)

During the glorious sunny season, your outdoor patio cushions are absorbing more than just backyard barbeques and afternoons spent reading – they’re collecting dust, dirt, and plenty of other debris.

Furthermore, if your outdoor patio cushions are exposed to the elements, they’re likely to get moist from the fog, frost, and rain. And, inevitably, moisture leads to mould and mildew. As well as causing your cushion covers to look and smell bad, mould will quickly spread into the lining (and then ruin the entire thing).

Improper cushion care and storage during the colder months can attract pests (check out our racoon horror story for proof).

All of this can be avoided with a professional outdoor cushion cleaning service – as well as clearing out all the summer dirt and debris, we’ll wrap your cushions up properly so they’re fresh and ready to enjoy next season.

Your carpets are subconsciously affecting your mood

Even if you’re vacuuming like a grownup, there’s no way to prevent allergens, dirt, dust, and bacteria from collecting in the fibres of your carpets and rugs. Over time, these elements build up and begin to affect the air quality in your home, as well as impact the lifespan of your carpets.

They can also change the overall look of your carpets – it can be a ‘frog in boiling water’ situation, where you don’t realize your carpets have begun to take on a dull tinge. Add the inevitable stains and ugly splotches that occur as part of our busy lifestyle, and your beloved carpets and rugs can really impact the aesthetic of your carefully-tended home.

Professional carpet cleaners can tackle these harmful allergens and improve the overall look, using specialized hot water extraction equipment.

If it’s your rugs that are causing a headache, be sure to take them to an off-site cleaning facility (or else you might be featured in our next rug horror story countdown…).

You’re sleeping with the enemy

The same allergens that infiltrate your couch, cushions, and carpet are also present in your bedroom – quietly collecting in your mattress. As you toss and turn in the night, these particles get released and affect the air quality in your space.

If you have sensitive skin, there’s also a chance you could have a reaction to a buildup of allergens in your mattress.

While regular vacuuming will help to maintain your mattress, professional mattress cleaners have equipment that can tackle dust and debris that has collected deep inside. They can also apply a post-cleaning treatment to protect the quality of your mattress for months afterwards.

If you’re still tossing and turning, check out more tips on how to improve your sleep set-up.

FAQs about professional furniture cleaning

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we get about professional furniture cleaning. If you want to chat about how we can help you transform your home into a deep-cleaned retreat, reach out to our team.

How often should you clean your furniture?

Your ideal pro cleaning schedule will depend on how busy your household is. We’ve put together a general guideline on how often to get a professional to clean your furniture:

  • Carpets every 6 months
  • Furniture at least once a year
  • Outdoor cushions every season
  • Mattress 1-2 times a year

What are the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service?

  • Specialized equipment for a comprehensive and careful cleaning
  • Access to professional products that are upholstery or carpet-specific
  • Able to treat pet damage and stains
  • Can apply a post-cleaning treatment to protect furniture and carpets over long-term
  • Design a custom cleaning plan based on the material and condition of your furniture

How much does it cost to get a couch professionally cleaned?

The cost of professional cleaning varies depending on the size and condition of your furniture.

As a general ballpark, you can expect to pay around $90 for a smaller couch and up to $300 for a large sofa. Check out our pricing for more information.

How much does it cost to get furniture cleaned?

The cost of cleaning furniture varies a lot, depending on the type of furniture and the condition it’s in – for example, individual dining chairs can start at around $15, while large upholstery can cost up to $300 (or more).

Get in touch for a comprehensive quote based on what you’re looking for or check out our pricing for more details.

Is professional couch cleaning worth it?

professional furniture cleanerYes! And we’re not just saying that. Not only will professional cleaning ensure the atmosphere in your home is clean and fresh, but it will also improve the longevity of your investment: removing dust and debris from the fibres of your sofa will slow down the overall wear and tear.

Don’t believe us? This candid note from the lady boss might just change your mind…

What is the best way to clean a fabric sofa?

  • Vacuum regularly: Use the correct attachments and vacuum your couch at least once a week
  • Treat stains immediately: If you’re treating them yourself, be very careful and read up on the guidelines for your sofa fabric and type beforehand
  • Bring in a pro cleaner at least once a year: To get rid of deep-seated dust and allergens

What is the easiest sofa fabric to clean?

Leather, certain synthetic fabrics, and wool tend to be the couch fabrics that are the easiest to clean – see our guide on how to buy a good quality couch for more tips on choosing the best sofa for your lifestyle.

How do I deep clean my sofa?

We don’t recommend deep cleaning a sofa yourself – off-the-shelf cleaning products often do more harm than good and using the wrong method could permanently damage your couch.

Keep your couch clean by vacuuming it regularly and trusting a professional to give it a comprehensive clean at least once a year. Read more about why professional upholstery cleaning is something you need to be doing.

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