The people of the world are busy – scurrying about our day to day business while our rugs and carpets are right there underneath, supporting us and taking the heat! Foot traffic can cause certain areas to become damaged or misshapen. Binding can help to preserve the shape of your rug and prevent it from unravelling or losing wool pile.

At our Area Rug and Repair facility, we can work to restore your rug’s shape and use binding to reinforce it and prevent future damage.

What we do

We’ll assess the condition of your rug and recommend a plan of action that will help to get it back into top condition. If the edges have become misshapen we’ll address the damage, either by repairing the fringe or using overcasting, and then apply binding to ensure your rug maintains its new and improved look.

We can also add binding to preserve the existing fringe on your rug and prevent and future warping or tearing.

The binding process

We will start by selecting thread that matches the coloring and aesthetic of your rug to ensure a tidy and smart finish.

Our technicians will then work their way around the edge of the rug, sewing a double border or binding between the end of the rug and the fringe, which will stop the edges from becoming warped in the future.

Depending on the style of your rug, we may also use a Persian Binding technique, in which our experts will use a specific technique to tie the binding thread together, which helps to bind the fringe to the edge of the rug in a neat and structured way.

In some instances, we’ll use wax to treat the binding thread, which makes it easier to integrate it into the existing fabric while adding shape and durability.

If you think your rug could benefit from our binding service and other touch-ups or repairs, visit our Area Rug and Repair facility in Marin County or fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form to chat with our friendly team.

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