It’s normal for your rug to wear down over time, especially in places where there’s plenty of activity (or a naughty pet has chewed or torn the edges). If you notice areas where the fabric has grown thin or developed holes, it’s time to book it in for a reweaving service at our Area Rug and Repair Facility!

Our technicians will bring their expert touch, working to repair the damage and work with the rug’s existing pattern, so it looks fresh and beautiful once again.

What we do

Whether your rug has torn, developed holes around the edges, or worn away in the middle, we’ll assess the damage and propose a customized solution.

Of course, each rug is different and requires a different reweaving approach. We’ll start with selecting a fiber that best matches your rug and repair the holes by hand, to ensure a seamless finish.

The reweaving process

Reweaving can be a complicated procedure depending on the rug’s condition and requirements. As it is essential to choose thread that matches the rug’s existing aesthetic and pattern, we will ensure the fabrics that we use suit your rug’s color scheme and tone, so it blends in with the overall look and feel.

Our experts will repair the damage by hand, carefully working to recreate the rug’s original pattern while adding fresh structure and support to protect it from future damage. This might involve working with the existing foundation or replacing it in areas where it has become too weak to support the new threads.

In instances where the rug has torn at the edge, we’ll often finish it off by binding it with heavy thread to ensure it holds its shape over the long term.

When you take your rug home, you can rest assured that the repair will blend in with the overall aesthetic, with a neat and natural finish on both the front and back sides.

If you think your rug could benefit from our reweaving service, fill out the Request a Quote form and get in touch with our friendly team for more information and advice. You can also drop by our shop in Marin County, where we can talk you through our process.

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