It is normal for your rug to lose its lustre over time, as it sprouts and becomes a bit discolored due to sun exposure and busy feet. When you’re ready to give it a refresh, our expert Area Rug Repair technicians can perform a shearing service and bring a fresh and bright finish.

With our high calibre equipment and years of experience, you can trust us to bring a meticulous touch and inject new life into your rug.

What we do

We know that every rug is different, and we’ll always suggest a restoration and repair plan that’s customized to your rug. If the rug’s surface has become dull and lost its color, or significant areas have pulled up or worn away, our shearing service can give it a complete refresh.

Our technicians will carefully treat the surface of your rug, refreshing the overall look to create a bright, even, and vibrant result.

The shearing process

The shearing process involves traditional materials and techniques, along with a very steady hand. Our team has years of comprehensive training and experience, so you can be confident that they’ll execute the shearing process accurately and meticulously to preserve the quality of your rug.

In order to remove the faded or damaged material, an incredibly sharp blade is pushed across the surface of the rug in a steady, even motion. This process carefully sheds thin layers of material off the top of the rug, until the desired bright and vibrant finish has been achieved.

Shearing can also be used to even out the surface of the rug, creating a clean and level finish to repair areas that have worn down or become rough. While only millimetres of particles will be removed, your rug will look significantly brighter and feel much smoother.

If your rug has become dull or uneven, our shearing service could be exactly what’s needed. Fill out the Request a Quote form to reach out to our friendly team for more information and advice. You can also visit our shop in Marin County.

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