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Allergy Relieving Mattress Cleaning

Our mattress cleaning service kills and removes these microorganisms and other contaminants so you can sleep easy in a clean bed. We provide safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions to rid your mattress of allergens, dirt, and unwanted odors in Marin County, San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Our trained technicians are experts at identifying and removing stains and odors from your mattresses and applying our special anti-allergen treatment to provide continuous relief for up to 6 months. Check out our blog post here for why mattress cleaning is so important. Contact us today to request a free mattress cleaning estimate!

professional mattress cleaning

If you’re an avid sleeper, you know that a good night’s sleep is important. But it’s not always easy to get the right mattress. While mattresses are generally made of foam, they can harbor dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris. A mattress cleaning is essential to ensure that you have a great night’s sleep.

What We Do

We use a four-step process with mattress cleaning.


We spray the mattress with a special non-toxic deodorizer spray that targets any problem areas caused by sweat, urine, spills and stains.


We go over the mattress with a pre-spray formulated to deal with odors and the allergens created by your skin cells, perspiration, and the waste of dust mites and other bacteria.

All Fiber Rinse

We use a hot water extraction process with an attachment with a vacuum seal that will spray hot water onto the fabric and immediately remove it with powerful suction. The water is mixed with a rinse that pairs with the pre-spray to rid the mattress of allergens and remove stains** and all surface dirt.

Post Spray Treatment

We use a post spray to treat the mattress that will continue to produce residual effects lasting 6 months, the perfect time between cleanings!

The mattress will be damp to the touch but will not be wet and should dry in only a couple of hours.* If you can, leave it in the sun to dry. Sunshine is very effective on dust mites and bacteria. Mattress covers such as the one below, are great options for people who are severely sensitive, simply throw them in the wash every few months to extend protection and time between cleanings.

ElfWe are positive that we can provide the solution to all your mattress problems in a professional and timely manner. Contact us today for a free quote at (415) 991-0500 or by email.

If you’re looking for a solution that’s both effective and chemical-free, call the Team at MNC to answer your questions about professional mattress cleaning.

*Please note that we typically will clean 5 sides of your mattress if sufficient space is not available for drying. You must notify the technician ahead of time if you are planning to arrange adequate drying accommodations for both the top and bottom of your mattress. Otherwise he will clean what is exposed.

**Stain removal not guaranteed – yellowing caused by sweat and urine are particularly resistant to stain treatments and may not be removable.

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