Pet Urine Odor Removal

We Can Eliminate Pet Urine And Odor

Pet Urine Odor Removal in Marin and Surrounding Areas

Mother Nature’s Cleaning specialists are experts in finding and eliminating tough-to-treat pet urine odors. We will locate the problem area(s), examine the extent of the damage, and apply our pet urine odor removal. The unconditional love and loyalty our pets provide have made them very much a part of our families and our homes. It is difficult to keep your carpets and upholstery clean when you have pets, especially when a pet has an accident in the house – which inevitably they do.

These accidents can be quite damaging if left untreated, or self-treated, so it’s important to quickly address them – depending on the fabric or floor type, messes can permanently change the dye structure (usually turning to a shade of yellow if it is from urine), therefore causing irreversible staining and damage, and the odor can be absorbed into the porous materials in your home. Mother Nature’s Carpet Cleaning, based in Marin County, offers a range of solutions for your pet accidents that will help you maintain a clean and healthy home for you and your family.


Pet Urine Odor Removal/Treatment

Urine promotes the growth of bacteria which increases odor problems and potential for permanent color loss of the carpet fiber or upholstery. Pet urine can soak through the fabric into the cushion, or through the backing of the carpet into the padding underneath. In severe cases, the urine penetrates into the sub-floor beneath the padding, creating a problem that is multi-layered. Our experienced team can eliminate these pet urine odors naturally using a specialized extraction process. For urine treatment for Area Rugs, see our Area Rug Cleaning page.

  • Identify the area of contamination
  • Saturate and dwell
  • Water removal
  • Deep clean and rinse
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Rapid dry

In-Home Service:

We use a specialized pet urine odor treatment package including a product that removes contamination and contains odor modifiers. We saturate the area, as much as is appropriate for your rug or upholstery type, by pouring a urine neutralizer directly on the stained area; allowing 10-30 minutes of absorption time (dwell time) and followed by extracting the solution using a localized water removal tool that allows us to remove all of the treated waste. We follow by cleaning the entire room or piece of furniture with our hot water extraction deep clean with rinse, then use an essential oil-based odor neutralizer which will continue to work and help prevent repeat visits to that spot! We finish using air movers (if needed) to rapidly dry the area completely. For upholstery, we strongly recommend a protector to prevent future accidents from penetrating into the cushions.

Facility Upholstery Cleaning:

If your beloved pet has decided to use your favorite armchair as his toilet, often our in-home service is not sufficient. Cat urine especially has very low surface tension and is very quickly wicked into the deepest parts of the soft cushion making it too deep to reach and treat with our extractors. Bring your cushions to our facility where they will be full submerged in our pet urine odor treatment solutions, triple rinsed, extracted and rapid dried. We will deliver a fresh smelling clean cushion 7-14 days later! (Pick up and delivery services available).

pet urine odor removal


To prevent permanent carpet staining in the future, clean urine spots immediately by blotting with a white cloth towel or plain white paper towels until the moisture is completely absorbed in the cloth (change a few times). To clean the spot: mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water and massage (don’t rub) into the spot with a white cloth. Once you have washed as much of the urine out as possible, blot with dry cloths until dry to the touch. If you have a small extraction machine, flush with fresh water until spot is removed. Do not use over the counter pet stain removers or enzymes, general spotters or extraction detergent. They will leave you with residue or light spots.

We can eliminate the pet urine odor and mess to residential and commercial clients in Marin, San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

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