Upholstery Cleaning & Furniture Cleaning

All Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The wear and tear of everyday life can take its toll on all of your furniture including: Sectional couches, arm chairs, club chairs, sofas / love seats, dining room / office chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, upholstered headboards and all types of outdoor cushions. Mother Nature’s Carpet Cleaning is here to provide quality upholstery cleaning & furniture cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in San Francisco, Marin and the surrounding areas.

Our Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Process

Mother Nature’s trained staff pays close attention to detail when cleaning your upholstered furniture just as they do with your carpets. Furniture upholstery needs special attention. We use equipment specifically designed to clean upholstery with detergents and hot/cold water extraction to make sure your furniture receives the best cleaning possible while being handled with the utmost care. We can treat pet damage as well! See our Pet Treatment Page for more detail on urine treatment. Our all natural detergents with optional allergy treating enzymes will leave your couches, sofas and other furniture free of dirt and odor causing bacteria, while being gentle on the fabric.

Using the wrong upholstery cleaning product on certain fabrics can cause irreparable damage, such as color fading and stain spots. Before trying to clean something on your own, please call us for instructions. Damaging substances such as: coffee, wine, juice, urine or liquid type foods like chocolate, mustard etc, if not properly cleaned, can penetrate into the furniture fibers making it virtually impossible to clean even for a professional. Follow our TIPS for cleaning and call us right away!

Outdoor Cushion Cleaning and Storage

Extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture!

Fall Patio

Outdoor Patio Cushions and Umbrellas take a beating during the hot summer months. Our service will clean and refresh those dirty cushions and protect them from further wear and tear.

Give us a call to find out about pricing and availability!


We give them a good thorough scrubbing to rid them of the summer grime.


We spray them with fabric protector to prevent next summer’s grime from sticking around.


We wrap them for storage or delivery.


We can even hang on to them until the next season if you wish…

Mother Nature’s Carpet Cleaning is here to provide quality upholstery & furniture cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

Most people don’t clean their furniture enough which can contribute to unwanted allergens and odors and premature aging of textiles. If you’re in Marin, San Francisco or a surrounding area and you’re in need of upholstery cleaning, call us and check this one off of your to do list. You can reach us via phone at (415) 991-0500 or email. Feel free to check out our Pricing Page for an idea of what to expect.

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