Summertime Protection

Summer time means long days, BBQ’s, and outdoor play (kids and grownups alike!) It also means you are tracking a significant amount of dirt into your home and onto your carpets and area rugs. Windy days and the pollen and dust in the air add their mess to the mix.

Keep your carpets fresh by cleaning them regularly, and protect them against the messy days of summer by refreshing the stain protector*. Most nylon carpets manufactured today come already treated with stain protector. It allows them to withstand the everyday spills and trampling and keeps them looking newer longer. In areas of high traffic and when you clean your carpets, this stain protection is worn off and needs to be reapplied.

Mother Nature’s Cleaning can keep those carpets looking better and extend the time between cleanings by adding stain guard. Call today and ask about our packages for protection, allergens and pet treatments.

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