Why We Only Use Planet-Friendly Products on Your Carpets

In recent years, the so-called ‘green revolution’ has taken over the mainstream, especially non-toxic cleaning products. The global green cleaning product industry was estimated a whopping USD 298.90 billion in 2023, and is expected to continue growing. More than ever, we’re seeing more chemical-free cosmetics, organic natural fibers, and all-natural cleaning supplies flying off department store shelves. Consumers are increasingly aware of the potential health risks of harsh chemicals, even if they are FDA approved.

We at Mother Nature’s Cleaning believe that green is the way to go. When it comes to porous fibers in your home, like carpets, using natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic green carpet cleaning products is key to maintaining a healthy home environment.

Let’s take a look at the non-toxic cleaning products Mother Nature’s Cleaning uses to provide top-quality carpet cleaning services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Procyon Green Cleaner

green cleaning services san francisco bay areaThis carpet and upholstery cleaner is soap free, odor free, and made with only three ingredients: baking soda, salt, and pentasodium triphosphate – a type of salt that is not found to be hazardous to human health.

This cleaner has no VOCs, no enzymes, and is non toxic. The powerful combination of salts removes old soap residue and provides a deep clean that will last months.

One Earth Cleaning Products

We use a variety of One Earth cleaning products because they are free from harsh chemicals, odors, and petroleum-based solvents. According to the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, some negative effects of petroleum-based solvents include rapid vapor release resulting in exposure to harsh chemicals, potential risk of cancer, oily residue on surfaces, and high combustibility.

One Earth cleaning products are our go-to products when cleaning wool area rugs and carpets, since the cleaners are gentle enough for natural fibers.

Spot and Stain Remover

Not all stains are created equal, which is why each one requires a unique approach. A green carpet cleaning products’ kit isn’t complete without a tried-and-true stain remover.

One of the best tools in our arsenal is the PROCYON spot remover. It is Green Seal Certified, Asthma and Allergy Approved, has no VOCs, and has been certified and tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

This spot remover is ideal for carpet stains and marks on upholstered furniture. We also use a product called Citrus Clean which is tougher on sticky and greasy substances and is also completely non-toxic.

Odorcide Deodorizer

green cleaning services san francisco bay areaA staple in our carpet cleaning services toolkit is an enzyme-free deodorizer.

From cigarette smoke to pet urine odor, Odorcide works great as a pre-treatment, during the soak or rinse to get rid of nasty bacteria causing unwanted odors.

This water-based solution has no dwell time, meaning it starts working as soon as it’s applied. Most importantly, Odorcide eliminates odors instead of masking them. It’s safe for use on upholstery, leather, and most carpet fibers. The neutral pH prevents dirt and bacteria from sticking to the newly-cleaned surfaces.

For more information on our green cleaning philosophy, check out our services. To book a consultation with us for carpet cleaning services, click here.

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