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We Use Only The Best Cleaning Products On The Market

PROCYON Extreme! is a soap free, odor free carpet cleaning product that has been tested and certified covering more testing and certifications than any other cleaning product in our industry. This product boasts —- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), No Volatile Organic Compounds (No VOC’s) and is Asthma and Allergy approved—- Performance tested by Professional Testing Labs in Dalton Georgia —- Green Seal Certifications as well as Environmental Certifications.

Ingredients: Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Salt, Silicic Acid and non-hazardous additions including water.

green-seal-certified ecologo

Soap Free PROCYON Extreme! has earned award letters of testing and certifications from Ie-Du-Pont Stain Master, Monsanto, Allied Fiber and Tandus Centiva, Power Bond and the Carpet & Rug Institute. (For more information visit

Green Cleaner

One Earth Cleaning Products

One Earth products deliver powerful cleaning without harsh odors, petroleum-based solvents or corrosive chemicals. One Earth meets many customers’ needs for products that are free from perfumes, odors and harsh chemicals. The One Earth line also supports the use of Chemspec carpet and hard surface cleaning systems in LEED-certified buildings and other facilities managed under green initiatives.

One Earth products are reviewed by one or more of the following organizations: CRI, EcoLogo and Woolsafe. Specific certifications vary depending on product ingredients and application.

One Earth Cleaning Products

Spot and Stain Remover

While most of the tools in our arsenal are trade secrets, we can assure you we have the best stain and spot removers available, and customize our treatments for each unique situation.

Our first go to treatment (though not used for every stain we go up against) is PROCYON Spot Remover. It has been tested and certified for power and performance with Professional Testing Labs in Dalton Georgia. It is Green Seal Certified to protect you, your family, and even your pets because they are family too. We can spot clean your carpets and upholstered furniture without harsh odors that can affect you and your family’s air quality and health. Certified to have No Volatile Organic Compounds (No VOC’s) odor free Asthma and Allergy Approved, it is tested and approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

procyon spot and stain remover

Odorcide Deodorizer

Use Odorcide® Concentrate for eliminating all types of offensive odors to include pet urine. Odorcide is a non-enzymatic product, works instantly with no dwell time and is not affected by detergents and disinfectants. Apply to reach the odor source as a pretreatment, during the cleaning operation or in the rinse and the odor is gone. Thornell products use a unique proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact.



The concept behind the design is to provide a powerful, reliable cleaning system that uses the power and heat source already provided by the host vehicle. The rugged and reliable engineering that has, for over two decades, made this the most popular van powered system in the industry is taken to a new level.

• Space-saving design
• Superior heat performance
• Super reliable
• Dependable performance
• CDS Electronic Speed Control to increase vacuum performance by 30% and reduce fuel consumption
• Number one in user-friendly operation

370 Truckmount

370 Truckmount

Cleaners have made the 370 the #1 truckmount for good reason. It has the hottest water of any truckmount in its class, delivers the strongest vacuum and the best fuel efficiency, and features a space-saving profile that’s half the footprint of other truckmounts. It’s also versatile – clean carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces! And now the 370 truckmount is Gold-Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)!

370 Truckmount

Prospector® PE500 Carpet Extractor with Heat, 500 PSI, Dual 2‑Stage

Our brand new baby! The Prospector PE5003 is designed to handle the most aggressive cleaning tasks, such as heavily soiled carpet and minor hard surface cleaning.

This model features a dual, 3-stage vacuum motor that provides increased water lift—up to 205 inches!—for efficient solution recovery. Extraction is more thorough ensuring that carpet dries faster.

This unit features a 1,750 watt inline heater that provides hot (200°F) cleaning solution for improved cleaning results. It is the closest you can get to a truck mount in a portable.


Sandia Optimizer Portable Extractor

The OPTIMIZER 12-Gallon Portable Extractor gives you the power of a Truck Mount in a portable extractor. It’s class leading 6.6″ vac motors are 42% more efficient, allow for more sealed suction and provide 5″ more water lift than a 3-stage, 500 PSI Extractor. Experience the convenience of Truck Mount power in a portable extractor.

12 Gallon Optimizer Carpet Extractor

Rotovac 360i

The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes.  The 360i weighs only 39 lbs and is extremely easy to use as it operates in a self propelled side to side motion. Simply stated, “The 360i cleans better with less effort.

Rotovac 360i

Water Claw

The Water Claw Spot Lifter and Jumbo Claw offer results never before seen for the complete removal of spills and odors in carpet, carpet backing and the pad. Ideal for pet urine (or on large spills of any kind such as soda pop, soap residues, food spills, etc.), simply use large volumes of your favorite pet odor treatment and then completely flush out the chemical along with the contaminant from the carpet and the pad, without disengaging the carpet!


Hydro Force Tile Cleaning Tool

The industry’s most advanced tile cleaning tool – Hydroforce Hard Surface Tools are engineered to get that tile and grout as clean as possible.  It rids dirt and soil from grout and tile as well as smooth & rough hard surfaces.

Hydro Force Tile Cleaning Tool