Last week was our first employee meeting of the year. Isabel prepared the year in review and we found it to be somewhat unremarkable. We’ve had so much change in this business since the epidemic and having a solid year but with nothing remarkable feels a little unrewarding. We can’t be unhappy with stability! Our team is strong and we love what we do and we are looking forward to 2024; however, I feel like we need something remarkable. And there was born an idea.

Mother Nature's Cleaning Barbeque

Grilling it up after work.

Our field and shop teams communicate with our office via online chat. We exchange necessary customer information, we share our frustrations, and we lighten everything up with humor. Because we all don’t work in the same space – our technicians being isolated in their trucks, the deafening noise of the shop and our office staff in their separate offices – the chat is how we stay connected throughout the day and it’s fun. In the past few weeks, I have noticed how much useful content and learning we share about our profession.

I love to write, and I’m looking for something remarkable for this year, so I thought I would spend the next 12 months chronicling the days in the lives of our carpet cleaning team. I’m still looking for a clever title to this blog series, but for now I will just called the Carpet Cleaning Chronicle’s – a sneak peek into our day to day. I hope you enjoy.