Cleaning a large rug: How to do it (and when to bring in the pros)

Your area rugs are a star feature in your home – so be sure to treat them right and give them the care they deserve! Cleaning a large area rug requires a bit of planning. Once you make it part of your routine, it becomes easy to maintain your beautiful rugs over the long term.  

Here, we explain how to tackle area rug cleaning at home and explain when (and why) it’s important to bring in a professional rug cleaning service

A word of warning: Washing a large rug at home

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When washing a rug, it’s imperative that you’re able to thoroughly rinse and dry it. If not, mold will grow, spread, and eventually ruin the rug. This is impossible to do at home (unless you happen to be a pro cleaner with pro cleaning equipment – in which case, you’re our hero!). 

Rugs should be treated like the prize items in your wardrobe – you’d never wash a silk shirt in the same load as your gym socks. Similarly, different rug fibres and materials require specific treatments and products. 

Professional rug cleaning is the only way to safely and correctly clean your rug. At our facility, we have tamping equipment that works to shake out all the dirt and dust that collects in large rugs – often enough to fill a Ziploc bag with! We also have specialized machinery that is able to properly rinse and dry rugs of various sizes. 

Rather than risk ruining your rugs with home cleaning, make it a habit to bring them in for pro cleaning once a year. As well as helping to keep the air quality and atmosphere in your home fresh and clean, it will allow you to enjoy your rugs for the long haul. 

Area rug cleaning at home

Cleaning large area rugs at home requires a little bit of thought and effort. It can be difficult to get proper coverage while vacuuming, as large areas of the rug may be hidden under heavy furniture. This also makes them more susceptible to moths and pests that thrive in those dark, hard-to-reach spaces. 

The best defence is good offence! There are many things you can do to keep your area rug clean at home.

1. Vacuum thoroughly every week

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(And twice a week if you have pets and kids). Move large furniture aside at least once a week to get to those tricky areas. Check out our guide to learn how to vacuum a large rug.

2. Apply soil-resistant protector after every cleaning 

Be sure to make sure the products you choose are compatible with the type of rug you own. Ask us for recommendations if you need help finding the right product.

3. Housetrain your pets 

We know that it might be easier said than done – but it’s a game-changer when it comes to the quality of your rugs and carpets. In case of emergency, learn about how to treat pet stains.

4. Take your shoes off when you’re in the house

This will reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked inside and stamped down into your rug.

5. Place your favorite large rugs in lower-traffic areas 

When setting up your home, be mindful about where you put your favorite large rugs. Ideally, place them somewhere they’re less likely to become victim to spills or stains

Your large rugs bring so much to the atmosphere and vibe in your home – so treat them with the love they deserve! While it might not be as easy as caring for your small rugs or carpets, it’ll become second nature once you make these large rug cleaning habits part of your routine. 

When it’s time to bring it in for an annual pampering, reach out to our team to book a professional area rug cleaning service. 


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