Area Rug Repair and Restoration

Custom restoration in our facility

Area Rug Repair and Restoration in Mother Nature’s Cleaning Facility

At our Wash and Area Rug and Restoration Facility in Marin County, we have the latest equipment and highly-trained experts ready and waiting to breath new life back into your rugs. We tailor our services to suit exactly what your rug needs, which may include reweaving, binding, overcasting and a range of other specialty treatments.

If anyone understands how important rugs can be, it’s us! We know that your rugs help make your space cozy and comfortable and define what ‘home’ feels like to you. We also know how much wear and tear they can take as part of your busy lifestyle. When your rugs need a little TLC, our area rug repair and restoration services are here to help.

Rug Repair Shop

area rug repair and area rug restoration

We accept drop-off at our area rug repair and restoration shop Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm or by appointment. Fill out the form to the right to request a quote from our friendly team and we’ll soon be in touch for a chat about how we can help you.

You can find us at: 41 Belvedere St Suite 5-6, San Rafael CA 94901 (around the back of the building).

Our Area Rug Repair and Restoration Services

Fringe restoration

The fringe is a stringy border that lines the top and bottom of a rug. It can become damaged or worn over time. Through our fringe restoration service, we’ll work with your rug’s existing fringe to refresh and improve its appearance, or replace it using a new fringe that matches the aesthetic of your rug.


If you have straight edges on your rug that have deteriorated or become distorted or uneven, your rug may benefit from our overcasting service. We’ll work to repair, restore, and reinforce the edges using new materials that effortlessly match the rug’s design.


It’s common for busy areas of your rug to wear down and even develop holes over time, causing it to look messy and damaged. Through our reweaving service, we’ll work to repair the damage using matching textiles, to create a seamless finish.


Rugs can become dull and discolored over time, especially when exposed to sunlight or busy activity. With our shearing service, we can restore color, vibrancy, and brightness by carefully removing a miniscule amount of material from the surface of the rug using a specialized blade.

Touch-up dyeing

Whether it’s through general wear and tear or a spillage accident, areas of your rug may become faded, stained, or discolored. Using liquid dye and a meticulous approach, we’ll treat these areas with a long-lasting solution to create a professional finish.


We can protect and preserve the edges of your carpet from becoming misshapen or damaged by adding a thin border or binding, which connects the edge of your rug to the fringe in order to add strength and stability. We can also use binding to rework the existing fringe, for additional durability.


Certain types of rugs are susceptible to shrinking and losing shape. Through our blocking service, we can maintain the straightness of your rug by attaching it to a special piece of equipment at perfect right angles and letting it sit and strengthen for a designated period of time.

Oriental Rug Repair and Restoration

We know how valuable and sentimental oriental rugs can be. Our experts will work carefully with your oriental rug, starting by assessing the damage to work out exactly which rug repair services are necessary in order to fix and protect it from future issues. We’ll use specialized materials and methods to tackle the problem, so you can rely on the very best treatment and care. Read about our oriental area rug repair and restoration service here.

Rug Restoration

Rug terminology

There’s a whole new world of words when it comes to area rug repair and restoration! We’re the experts, so of course you can trust us to know them all – but if you’re curious, check out our rug terminology guide. This will also help you to understand your inspection sheet when the time comes to review our findings once we have the opportunity to inspect your rugs!

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