Leather Cleaning and Restoration

we can restore your investment to its former beauty!

Expert Leather Cleaning and Restoration Service

Leather cleaning and restoration is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of leather and suede garments. We at Mother Nature’s Cleaning appreciate the investment you make in your leather furniture, and when cared for properly, it will outlast a fabric upholstered piece by a decade or more.

Regular Leather Cleaning and Conditioning (every 6 months) are necessary to keep your investment in good condition and protected.

Restoration of your fine leather is an art form and our certified technicians are artists. If your beautiful leather has become dull, faded, scratched, stained, or is just showing its age, we can restore your investment to its former beauty.

Cleaning and Conditioning Service
Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of leather furniture and car upholstery. Leather’s unique characteristics, such as its ability to breathe, and visible properties such as a vein, tick, and scar marks (beauty marks) require special understanding and knowledge in order to understand how to professionally clean and condition and to know when the piece needs restoration.

Restoration Service
leather cleaning and restorationProviding a professional leather cleaning service is not just about the cleaning. Over time, and without proper bi-yearly maintenance, leather will start to show its age. Dry, unconditioned leather is at high risk for permanent tears, deterioration and staining. Once this occurs, then we turn to restoration.

Leather manufacturers use various dyeing and pigmentation and construction techniques in order to achieve different appearances and effects. Understanding these techniques, along with the characteristics of different types of leather is what sets us apart from the rest. We take pride in understanding the work that we perform.

Whatever the problem you’re experiencing with your leather furniture, rest assured you can depend on Mother Nature’s Cleaning to educate you and provide you with your options regarding care, maintenance, cleaning or restoration.

Below are 9 tips to keep your leather soft and supple and looking new.

  1. Stick to a regular program of cleaning and conditioning (at least every 6 months.)
  2. Limit exposure to heat, direct sun or air conditioning which can cause leather to dry, crack or discolor
  3. Beware of “Home remedies” They can cause irreversible damage
    • If you do spill liquid on leather, use paper towels or a soft cloth to blot moisture
    • For oil or grease marks, sprinkle with dry cornstarch
  4. Silicone permanently damages leather and can make repairs impossible, don’t try that at home.
  5. Oils can turn leather dark or cause it to peel
    • Cooking oils will turn rancid – never use them on your leather furniture – keep them in the kitchen
  6. Detergents, solvents and all-purpose cleaners will dry out fine leather – don’t use them for cleaning
  7. Putting water on a grease stain will cause additional discoloration
  8. Urine must be rinsed out of leather immediately. Once it soaks in and dries, restoration is the only solution.
  9. Please do not trust any website that recommends using Saddle Soap on leather. Saddle soap was designed for saddles… your furniture leather is much different.

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