Time To Clean Your Furniture?

I am going to cut right to the chase here.  People don’t clean their furniture enough. Call Mother Nature’s Cleaning this spring and check this one off of your to do list. Why is this so important, you ask? (Or maybe you didn’t ask, but I will tell you anyway.)

Most of us wash our clothes after every wear. We wash our dishes every day, we wash our sheets and towels every week. We vacuum and sweep dust off of the hard surfaces in our homes weekly (or perhaps some of us, somewhat less.)  But do we clean our couches, chairs, mattresses, and other upholstered pieces? These things get dirty too!

How many times have your kids wiped their hands on the dining chair cushions instead of on their pants as good children should? Does your dog or cat bathe, or just rub, certain parts of their anatomy whilst guiltily (or freely… in my case) sitting on the couch? How often do you come in from the gym or a brisk walk outside and throw your sweaty-self down on a comfy chair? What about all of the friends over the years (or husbands) who’ve fallen asleep in front of the television, only to wake up in the morning in a pool of drool – the arm of the couch as their pillow? Did you know that that couch arm has 12 times more bacteria than your toilet seat? I don’t know about you but I can count on one hand the number of times I put my face on my toilet seat.

Yeah – our furniture takes some abuse. So my point is that we need to clean our furniture folks. Let Mother Nature’s Cleaning take some hot water and soap to that fabric and make it new again. Our hot water extraction process and special vacuum heads will get into all the nooks and crannies that your crumbs, bodily fluids, and pet dander linger. Making it look, smell and be – fresh and clean.

Andrea V.

Lady Boss

PS – it will REALLY help with your allergies too.

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