4 ways to improve your sleep set-up: Professional mattress cleaning (and beyond)

Whether you’re a sound snoozer or a tosser-and-turner, one thing’s for sure – you can never invest too much in your sleep set up. Professional mattress cleaning is just one of the ways to boost your nightly routine and make sure that all those hours in bed are well spent.

And it’s a lot of hours – almost half a lifetime (according to the New York Post).

With that in mind, we’ve listed four ways that you can improve your bedroom setup, from deep cleaning your mattress to finding the sheets that will provide the exact comfort you’re craving.

professional mattress cleaning

1. Why you should deep clean your mattress

Yes, your mattress should be cleaned! Just like every other space in your home, your mattress acquires a natural buildup of material over time that can impact your health, including dirt, dust, bacteria, debris, dead skin, dust mites, and other allergens.

It’s important to clean your mattress every six months, to ensure you can enjoy:

  • Better air quality: Allergens are released into the atmosphere as you move around your bed, causing you to breathe them in at night. Professional mattress cleaning will address these intruders so that the air in your bedroom is clearer.
  • Improved comfort: As well as increasing the risk of asthma and other breathing problems, skin problems and irritations may occur if your skin reacts to a buildup of allergens in your mattress. Deep cleaning will ensure that you have a fresh and comfortable surface to sleep on.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you’re lying on top of dust mites, skin cells, and bacteria could give anyone nightmares! Regular deep cleaning means you don’t have to worry about sharing your bed with unwanted irritants (though, no – we can’t do anything about your partner’s snoring).

Find out more about professional mattress cleaning.

2. Remember to clean your pillows

You already know how wonderful it feels to crawl underneath a freshly washed duvet cover and cozy up on clean pillowcases – but when’s the last time you washed your actual pillows?

If it was more than 4 months ago, it’s time to tune in. Pillows should be washed three or four times a year, for the same reasons that your mattress should be deep cleaned – dirt, dust, bacteria, and other allergens inevitably find their way through your pillow cases and into your pillows.

How to clean your pillows

Start by figuring out what type of pillow you have – the most common ones are down, fibrefill, or foam. Down and fibrefill tend to be fine in the washing machine, whereas foam typically needs to be hand-cleaned.

Best practice can vary, depending on the manufacturer, so check the instructions on the label for specific details and guidelines for cleaning. If you’ve cut off the labels or can’t find any info, follow our general cleaning advice.

Down and fibrefill pillows

  1. Remove the pillow cases
  2. Load the pillows into the washer, two at a time
  3. Choose a gentle cycle with warm water, and program an additional cold water rinse and spin cycle
  4. Add small amount of detergent
  5. Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls (if you don’t have dryer balls, balled up socks will do the trick!)
  6. If you can, leave them out in the sun to air out for a few hours

Foam pillows

  1. Remove the pillowcases
  2. Vacuum the pillows on both sides
  3. Gently spot clean marks or stains with white cloth and mild detergent and warm water solution – avoid scrubbing so you don’t tear the foam
  4. Allow them to air dry completely

3. Get a waterproof mattress encasement  

Mattress protectors don’t only protect the quality of your mattress over the long term – they can also improve your sleep every single night. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cleaning: They’re easy to clean, so you can continue to reduce allergens in your bedroom between your mattress deep cleaning appointments
  • Comfort: You can choose a thickness or material that boosts the overall comfort and feel of your bed, as well as hypoallergenic options if you have sensitivities
  • Cooling: If you struggle with overheating at night, some mattress protectors can help to promote breathability and coolness

4. Treat yourself with quality sheets

The bedding and sheets that are best for you will depend on your budget and preferences – considering the amount of time you spend in bed, we recommend investing as much as you can in quality sheets.

Refer to this cheat sheet (no pun intended!) when you’re deciding on a material for your bedding:

  • Cotton: Strong yet soft, breathable and cool
  • Flannel: Warm and budget-friendly, not very breathable
  • Real silk: Soft and luxurious, expensive and extremely sensitive
  • Bamboo or viscose: Soft and comfortable, bad for the environment (learn more about why you should avoid bamboo and viscose)
  • Linen: Strong, comfortable, long-lasting, breathable and cool, feels stiff at first
  • Polyester: Budget-friendly, durable, not very breathable, not as comfortable

The perks of hiring a professional mattress cleaning company

There are many DIY things you can do to improve your sleep set-up, but mattress cleaning is something that’s best left to the pros.

Professional cleaners will carry out a comprehensive deep clean using specialized equipment, to eliminate allergens you just can’t get to with a vacuum. They’ll also know how to protect the quality of your mattress while cleaning it.

When you choose our pro mattress team, the cleaning doesn’t end when we walk out the door. We’ll apply a post-spray treatment that helps protect your mattress and keep it fresh for up to 6 months after your appointment.

With Mother Nature’s Cleaning, you can choose between green and standard protector, which should be applied right after your mattress is cleaned to ensure dust or soil don’t interfere with its effectiveness.

If your mattress is due for a cleaning, get in touch with our experts to find out how we can make your home dreamy clean. For more tips from the experts, learn how to make your mattress last longer.

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