Zero waste home cleaning tips

Would you feel better about household chores if you knew that you were doing some good for the planet?

Zero waste cleaning is a great way to bring more eco-friendly practices into your lifestyle – and once you get started, it’s easy to incorporate these habits into your routine.

Here, we talk you through everything you need to know to adopt a zero waste cleaning routine and share some of our favorite zero waste resources and recipes.

If your home is in need of a little extra TLC, our eco-friendly professional cleaning service can get you set up with a fresh slate, ready to move towards better home cleaning habits going forward.

What is zero waste cleaning?

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Zero waste cleaning is all about cleaning your home without contributing any garbage to landfills or using chemical products that will negatively impact the environment. It involves choosing sustainable products and natural practices that benefit the world around you.

Ideally, your zero waste cleaning routine won’t leave any footprint at all – which can sound overwhelming at first. Focus on making small changes, and you’ll soon see how easy (and satisfying) it is to transition to an eco-friendly cleaning regime.

How to start: Zero waste cleaning habits

 eco-friendly cleaning san franciscoZero waste cleaning begins with being aware of the products and equipment you use to clean your home.

Don’t throw anything away (that would be adding to the waste!). Instead, make note of what to swap out with more eco-friendly, sustainable replacements when the time comes.

Avoid single-use products: That means shunning paper towels and single-use mop pads. For wiping and scrubbing, use biodegradable cloths (like cotton). Try to purchase products that don’t come in unnecessary wasteful packaging.

Abandon chemical cleaning products: Not only are chemical cleaners bad for the environment, but they can have a negative impact on your health as well. When shopping around, look out for fragrance-free products that are nontoxic and biodegradable. If you can, choose VOC-low or VOC-free and hypoallergenic cleaners. Parabens and dyes should typically be avoided (especially in people with sensitivities).

Stock up on natural cleaning ingredients: You can clean (pretty much) your entire home just using white vinegar, baking soda, water, and mild soap.

Look for sustainable materials: Avoid plastic as much as possible – when your current brushes give up on you, choose options that will last longer, such as glass cleaning spray bottles and containers, bamboo or wooden cleaning brushes, and a metal broom.

Go local when you can: Look for opportunities to support local businesses and purchase organic and sustainably-made products from farmer’s markets or independent shops.

Reuse what you can: Look for ways to reuse things you might otherwise throw away – cut old towels into rags and use old jars to store cleaning solutions.

Zero waste cleaning tips  

 eco-friendly cleaning san marinStick to a regular cleaning routine

Zero waste cleaning is about so much more than what’s in your cleaning cabinet – it’s a lifestyle. The materials you use will be effective in creating a clean and comfortable space, but it’s important to adopt a regular cleaning routine to avoid buildup of heavy dirt and grime.

Get familiar with natural cleaning recipes

You’ll probably need a few different go-to concoctions to serve the different spaces and appliances in your home. We’ve listed some of our favorite natural cleaners, along with recipes from some of the most popular zero waste bloggers below, which cover every area of your home:

Be sure to do some research on what materials your flooring and countertops are made of – vinegar, baking soda, and water can handle pretty much every hard surface, but they might or stain damage natural stone work surfaces or tiles.

Environmentally friendly professional cleaning

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Once you’ve got your materials, recipes, and practices in place, your zero waste cleaning routine will keep your home fresh and comfortable. However, it’s still important to bring in the pros every now and then to take care of the areas of your home that you can’t get to.

Be sure to find a cleaning company that aligns with your eco-conscious principles and won’t undo all your planet-loving hard work!

We use sustainable products and equipment, such as steam cleaning (which kills bacteria and provides a comprehensive deep clean without the need for harmful chemicals) and green-certified solutions. Find out more about why we only use planet-friendly products on your carpets.

Once you start practicing zero waste cleaning habits, chances are you’ll begin to notice other areas in your life where you can shift towards more planet-friendly actions. And if your home needs an overhaul to kick off your eco-friendly cleaning routine, you know where to find us.

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