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We Prevent Long Term Stains

We provide prompt and courteous stain removal services to help remove unwanted blemishes from your carpet or furniture. We have the ability to serve residential and commercial clients in Marin County and the surrounding areas with professional carpet stain removal services. In order for us to completely eliminate any stain, however, you must take the proper steps to ensure the salvage-ability of your carpet or upholstery immediately after an accident.

What To Do After A Stain

You can help your carpet or furniture by treating a spot quickly and smartly, but you can also make it worse if you do something wrong. Call Mother Nature’s Carpet Cleaning, but before we get there, follow a few simple rules below.

Rule 1: Know and respect the fabric you are treating. Don’t use hot water or too much water on wool. Saturate anything synthetic thoroughly, don’t use water on silk at all, and don’t do anything to viscose.

Rule 2: Act fast! When removing accidental spills and spots, speed is needed in order to prevent long term carpet damage and odor. The faster you are able to remove the substance from your carpets, the less time it will have to penetrate into the fibers. This means absorbing as much of the liquid as possible.

Rule 3: Never use chemicals to treat the spot. That means no miracle pet products or stain removers, enzymes, peroxide, laundry detergent, OxiClean, bleach – even color safe are all bad and can set a stain permanently. Even on a small area. Chemicals can damage the dyes or fibers on the rug or interact with the chemicals your professional cleaner will use later.

What We Suggest

Here we list out for you the proper steps to be taken following a spill or stain. If these steps are followed promptly after a stain it can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the long term effect. However, we are here to help in the case that the stain is more severe and in need of professional attention.

Work In A Tapping Motion
Use a white cloth to absorb as much residue as possible. Do Not vigorously scrub the carpet – this can damage the carpet, make the stain larger and allow it to absorb even deeper into the fibers.

Color Fading
Be sure to test this step for color fading in an unnoticeable area first. In a spray bottle: mix a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar with one cup cold water and spray directly on the desired area until wet. (See Rule #1 above)

Loosen Dirt
Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to loosen the dirt, then gently dab the spot with a cloth, working from the outside in. Again – do not scrub or work in a circular motion. Tap. Repeat the process if needed.

Moisture Absorption
Once the spot has been absorbed, use a clean cloth, pressing it into the area to absorb any remaining moisture.

If the stain or spot remains and you are unable to get it out, call Mother Nature’s Cleaning (415) 991-0500 – we will come out as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage. You can also contact us via email and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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