Fielded a question from the team today about a leather sofa. This came through an email from a customer Nicole.

Nicole has a new baby, and as most new moms do, she is looking to get things cleaned up and sterilized before baby begins to move. She emailed us these photos asking if we can clean and condition her sofa. This is the most common question we get – not when can we do it, but IF it will do anything.

My answer is pretty standard for all of these cases. If the leather is not dry enough to crack or scale, but it shows stains from any substances, then cleaning and conditionign will help. This is a finished leather, so it once had a protective coating on it, which has long since been abraded away from use and neglect. If I were to guess, I would say this piece is about eight years old and has had cleaning and conditioning less than twice in its lifetime – if ever. That’s why the cushions are slouching and wrinkled and the seats show stains and water marks and a lot of grime.

Cleaning and conditioning this can take a few years off, but it will not make it look young again. Leather is skin… so just like yours, if you neglect it until you are in your mid 40s (no sunscreen and no regular cleaning and moisturizing) there is only so much you can do to reverse damage and not much you can do to eliminate the signs of aging. This sofa is middle aged, and has not been cared for properly. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start to take care of it if you want to keep it, it just means the patina will stay but you can extend it’s life by starting to care for it now.

Happy Cleaning!