Our Commitment to Green

Our commitment to your Health and Mother Nature

Mother Nature’s Cleaning has been certified as a Green Business in Marin County since 2016! “Mother Nature’s Cleaning” is not just a catchy business name – it symbolizes our commitment to the environment and utilizing the best business practices to protect the health of our employees, customers and our namesake.

We started by using natural, non-toxic cleansers that are safe to use, safe to dispose of and won’t harm those living in the spaces we clean. We use products that are all Natural, Green Seal Certified, and/or are classified as non-hazardous/non-toxic. Our cleaning process improves air quality as we clean and we took it a step further by offering allergy treatments that continue to work for up to 6 months after our visit. We didn’t stop there! We offer discounted cleaning services for specific types of area rugs and non-slip carpet pads to encourage people to reuse these items rather than tossing them to the landfill.

Our office and staff are committed to reducing our footprint by using paperless systems (including in our kitchen) recycling, composting and using high efficiency fixtures and appliances. Our vendors are local and green certified to support our community and reduce fuel consumption. We are powered by 100% renewable green energy thanks to MCE Deep Green. We have also reduced our service area by a 20 radial miles to lessen our impact while on the road.

We’ve started the continuous journey towards a greener, cleaner world, and now we ask for your commitment as well!

Choose products and services that are Green Certified – Choose Mother Nature’s Cleaning!

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