A Little Dark Around the Edges

A Little Dark Around the EdgesTime to infiltrate! A technician just told you some story about the dark edges "filtration lines" around your room and at your doorway and that you have to pay more. But isn't it just dirt?  What

Battling VOCs (Off Gassing)

Battling VOCs - Off Gassing We get calls frequently to clean brand new carpets. It may sound like a crazy request, but it isn’t at all.  New carpet smell can be pretty nauseating, and that isn’t just in your head.

Combating Oil with All Natural Cleansers

I have an amazing masseuse. She specializes in pregnancy massage (pre and post natal) and she is incredible. She is also combining massage with the use of essential oils – both through the skin and with aromatherapy, so the entire experience is amazing and brought tears to my eyes with both of my pregnancies.

A Cleaning Comparison

This is custom heading element People often ask me to compare our cleaning techniques to those of our competitors, or to compare our service to those of our competitors (both of which are excellent questions because of course I am thrilled

Stain Mishaps

Just like you consult with your pharmacist before mixing prescription drugs, make sure you consult your cleaner before self-diagnosing and treating your stains.

Four Reasons Why Pet Urine is a VERY difficult DIY

Pet accidents are the biggest drawback of owning a pet. They will happen no matter how well trained, behaved, and loved your pets are. Cat urine is especially damaging and has such a low surface tension that it quickly absorbs into everything – including sub-floors and walls.

One Sure Sign Of A Shady Carpet Guy

Many clients ask us to clean their area rugs in place – in their homes. This is a common request, because a lot of carpet cleaners will do it, and do it cheap. They use the same machine they used on your wall to wall carpet, and call it clean.

Summertime Protection

Summer time means long days, BBQ’s, and outdoor play (kids and grownups alike!) It also means you are tracking a significant amount of dirt into your home and onto your carpets and area rugs.

Under The Sheets

80% of people with allergies are allergic to dust mites, and these critters feed off of dead skin cells, which shed onto our sheets all night and work their way into our mattress, creating a buffet for the mites.

Truths About Area Rug Cleaning

Most people are in the dark about the world of area rugs. Rugs are like fine art. You can get cool looking cheap print or reproduction for your walls at a store, or you can get an original masterpiece from a gallery.

Allergies, Carpets, And Cleaning, Part 2: Pollen

Ahhh-CHOO! That sound, along with the mouth-stretching, nose-wrinkling, eye-squinching grimace of a sneeze, has been for many of us the sound of summer growing up. Hay fever. Ugh.


The best rugs hands down are made from silk blends because they are soft to the touch, have a slight shimmer and feel absolutely luxurious. But, with all of that luxury comes a price tag that puts them out of reach for most of us.