Fringe repair and restoration

The top and bottom of many rugs end in beautiful white fringes. As this is such an exposed area, fringes can get caught on things and become damaged, dirty and worn over time. This can cause your entire rug to look a little bit tired.

At our Area Rug Repair and Restoration facility, our experts can repair, restore, or replace the fringe, to make your rug look fresh and new again.

What we do

We’ll take a look at your rug and propose a customized solution for how to improve the fringe’s appearance, either by repairing the existing fringe or replacing it with a new one that matches the look and style of your rug.

Repair and restoration

There are a few different things we can do to refresh a fringe, in order to make it look neat and clean again.

One method involves opening the knots at the end of the fringe and retying the threads by hand to create smaller, more even knots. This can make a huge difference and create a tidier, professional finish.

We may also remove threads from the kilim (the flatweave at the end of the rug) to make it appear thinner and balance out the overall look, which will instantly boost the rug’s overall appearance.


If the fringe on your rug has worn out beyond restoration, we can replace it with a new fringe that looks just as good as the original!

We’ll carefully remove the original fringe by hand. Usually, our technicians will keep enough of the original fringe to ensure the rug maintains its shape and remains intact, while also making sure you won’t notice it.

The replacement fringe will perfectly match the aesthetic of your rug – often we use white or natural cotton, but it will depend on the design and colouring of your rug. We’ll attach the new fringe by hand, to ensure it’s a seamless addition to your rug.


Sometimes we work with customers who don’t like the fringe at the ends of their rug and want to make it disappear entirely. In these instances, we’ll propose the solution that best meets your expectations while also maintaining the quality of the rug.

Our experts can create a pocket on the bottom of the rug and sew the fringe inside, to conceal it from view while also ensuring the rug keeps its quality shape and construction. And, if you change your mind, you can always have the fringe removed from the pocket and restored around the rug again.

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