Oriental Rug Repair and Restoration

Just like any of your soft furnishings, your oriental rug can be susceptible to tears, spills, or general wear-and-tear. However, because oriental rugs are so delicate and valuable, it’s even more important to treat the damage as soon as you notice it.

At our Area Rug and Restoration Facility, our team of experts will apply their specialized knowledge and experience to fixing your oriental rug. We’ll assess its condition and work out exactly what type of treatment it needs to repair the problems and protect it from future damage.

What we do

Just as each oriental rug is different, the treatment your rug needs will depend on its specific condition. Some common problems include unravelling along the sides, damage to the fringe, and holes (caused by moths or general wear and tear).

We’ll look at your oriental rug and advise on the best way to move forward in order to restore its beautiful appearance and keep it looking great over the long term.

The Oriental Rug restoration process

The treatment your rug receives will depend on the condition it is in and the damage that needs to be addressed. We’ve listed some common oriental rug repair services below, but keep in mind that the process will vary based on your individual rug.

  • Overcasting: If the sides of the rug have started to unravel, we’ll select a fabric in a color and style that matches the rug’s aesthetic and use overcasting to repair and reinforce the edges.
  • Fringe restoration: If the rug’s fringe has thinned out, become tangled, or started to unravel, we’ll either repair or replace it through our fringe restoration service.
  • Reweaving: If the rug has developed a hole, we may be able to fix the damage by way of reweaving, in which we’ll select matching fabric and work meticulously to repair the hole, mimicking the rug’s existing pattern.

These are just some of the common issues we see when it comes to oriental rugs. We offer a variety of services that can help preserve your rug, so you can continue to enjoy having it in your home. Fill out the Request a Quote form on the side of the page to get in touch with us today or stop by our shop in Marin County.

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